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What’s in Your Pantry?

One year ago, almost to the day, we moved. Packing for the move took me MONTHS.  I am not exaggerating; I kid you not. You see, when My Michael and I married, we converged two fully appointed homes. We. Had. A. Lot. Of. Cr…, Ah-hem! I mean, STUFF! In the final hours of packing up… Continue reading What’s in Your Pantry?

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Living Lemony

Today is a cold and snowy winter day. I decided to head out early to do a few errands before the roads became treacherous. I had to collect a few things from the market.  As I walked toward the produce department, I glanced at the “supermarket flowers.”  Flowers would be a happy addition to my… Continue reading Living Lemony

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Let Me Give You a Few Tips

  HERBS I love to buy bunches of herbs to use in my recipes.  Generally, the bunches are bountiful and I am not always able to use them in time before they turn. I chop my extra herbs, place in an ice cube tray, cover them with water and freeze them.  I have them on hand… Continue reading Let Me Give You a Few Tips