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Beautiful Bottles and Other Inspirations

  I love to poke around  antique shops for inspiration. This past weekend, I wandered into a little old house transformed into a quaint shop. There were some anticipated treasures such as old shutters and pewter plates.   I fell in love with an old grocery register from the early 1900’s.LOOK! I admired this vase… Continue reading Beautiful Bottles and Other Inspirations

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Sharing a Secret

Hi, Everybody! On Tuesday, I hosted a dinner party for some gal friends.   My guests delighted me with stunning Dutch flowers.  We had a lovely time and many laughs.  I will remember the evening each time I admire my posies, which I will enjoy for the next week. You read that right. My flowers… Continue reading Sharing a Secret


Five superBOWLS for the Patriots; Five superDISHES for you.

From One Roasted Chicken Recipe- Hi, Everybody! My family LOVES roasted chicken. It is such comfort food. Every week, I make a pan of bone-in roasted chicken breasts. I put them in a storage container in the fridge and they are my go-to. Here are five fresh and delicious things you can make from my […]

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My JamBALAYA: Tuscan Bowls, White Linen, Antique Silver meet the Bayou

  I know. This is a pretty crazy title, but let me explain. My design style is to mix things up, to be unpredictable and to mix the old with the new.  Here I am bringing this style to my dinner table.  Wait for it. Last night, My Michael had a hankering for some Cajun food.… Continue reading My JamBALAYA: Tuscan Bowls, White Linen, Antique Silver meet the Bayou

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Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo: Study!

I am sharing the transformation of the study, in this final post in my series “Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo.”  This has been fun! Often times, we are inspired by one item: A piece of artwork, a hobby, one notable piece of furniture, an antique.  We build our room around the theme. This is exactly what… Continue reading Creating Charisma in a Charlestown Condo: Study!


Lovelier Interior Decor

Our homes are “our places.” We wish for them to provide comfort, contentment, belonging and relaxation. Homes which reflect our styles are lovely. They make us feel good. When we walk into our favorite room, we feel peaceful. Homes also need to be functional and practical. Let’s blend the two. It is possible! I wish… Continue reading Lovelier Interior Decor

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Bold Bath


LIVINGLOVELIER just completed a fun project; Taking a “vanilla-ice-cream-new -construction” bathroom and transforming it to have some pizzaz!  I just love the juxtaposition of antiques with a funky flair, here is what I did.

The plain bath had box-store type fixtures which had to go: Stat.  Also, the room lacked crown molding.  The ten-foot ceilings were crying for them, so we had to address that right away, too.

Getting to work!

After the crown molding was installed it was time to paper.  I fell in love with this bold, gorgeous and gutsy paper. Don’t you think it just demands attention? ME TOO!
I re-purposed the commode which belonged to my great-grandparents, Amelia and Charles.  This was part of their bedroom set which they bought in the 1860s. I can remember taking naps as a little girl at my grandparent’s house. The commode stood against the window with the white ceramic pitcher and bowl. The mirror hung over the dresser.

The pitcher and bowl inspired me to find this white ceramic vessel sink (  I was able to find a single spout faucet in brushed nickel, consistent with Victorian times. The “Lugarno” towel ring, also in brushed nickel, is from Restoration Hardware.



Before installing the vessel, I polyurethaned the wood to protect it from the water.  Also,I  a backsplash of polished copper, another hint of the era.


The light fixture, custom made by Rejuvenation is made of brushed nickel and copper.  This piece ties the copper and nickel in the ribbacksplash with the faucet, toilet paper holder, and towel ring. It ties the metals together to create consistency.


The “Laundry Soap Dish” is from Rejuvenation.  My grandparents had a similar one in their antique powder room.

Why settle for a plain jane shower curtain when you can wow it up with this bright and bold silk fabric for a shower curtain that demands a second look?  I sewed this one afternoon and was delighted with the added layer of texture and style.

The finish- a fuzzy furry “bear skin” rug that is oh! so cozy under your feet.

That’s all.

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